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LiBeRTaD!! LiBeRTaD!!

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pants of glass?

i wouldnt say the pants wear made of glass however now i look closer i can see why, prehaps a bit less 'shiny' tone on the clothes would bring this art work i bit more credability however i think the background brings out the best of the figure, all in all good progess and work has been put in here, please come and see my art work and see what you think.

ErnestoGod responds:

Glass-pants are awesome! ;)


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so your a fan of the SAT AM

great art work of sonic and robotnik as i dont reconise the EGGMAN name he has become accustom to these days, i must agree with ur comment on the sonic X factor thou... back to the art work great use of tone and loving the blurred back ground, i hope to see more of your sonic soon! Keep up the good work both Animating and Art alike.

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Pete & Pete + Ellen Pete & Pete + Ellen

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love the way the trees are portrayed in the background very cool, alos i have one question who is the random man on the roof top? great lil piece of art work and great use of tone too, keep up the art and the animations!

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